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Shaun Abbott - Founder

My name is Shaun Abbott and I have been lucky enough to play this great game for most of my life. I started this game when I was 6 years old.  I played in many junior golf, high school, and college tournaments with much success. I believe in trying to keep things simple in this ever changing and confusing game by trying different golf drills, training aids, and video. I have worked with the PGA, The First Tee, and other great junior programs to help kids learn this great game. I am certified thru the PGTAA. If you would like your kid to start this wonderful game or would like to improve their game and take it to the next level, come and work with Putting for Eagle.

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Jackson Bragg - Performance Coach & Swing Instructor

Hello, my name is Jackson Bragg. I have been playing the game of golf since high school and have been lucky enough to work and learn under some of the best coaches and professionals here in California. I currently play golf at the Collegiate Level, and plan on playing Professional Golf as soon as I obtain my Degree here locally from Whittier College. I specialize in the basic fundamentals of making sure my students understand their own specific swing pattern and matchups, by understanding how their bodies work in the swing. I use the aid of technology along with specific swing tools to break down and understand the golf swing from a 3D and 2D point of view. I prefer working with students who already have a basic understanding of the game of golf and play to a respectable level. I pride myself by guaranteeing if you work with me, you will take 5 strokes off your game in just the first month. I am not here to waste your time and leave you confused after a lesson, as I believe there is too much funny business going on in the game of golf and the instruction world. I would never teach a student something I couldn't do myself, Give me a call if you have any questions or if you are interested in lessons! 


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